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The adoption of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and the wide coverage of the inexpensive Internet & telecommunication made segmented & personalized marketing campaigns never been easier and cost-effective via email.

MassEasy is a windows-based application which offers business marketers a simple, yet powerful tool for segmented & personalized email & SMS marketing. It works with most CRM applications and various data repositories to streamline & automate the marketing campaigns workflow from customer segmentation, content merging, campaign scheduling to actual email broadcast. The incredible high-speed Merge Engine & Send Engine delivers large quantity of personalized emails to your clients, prospects or subscribers efficiently & independently.

Once the software properly installed & configured, business marketers can finish their marketing campaign themselves in 4 simple steps ONLY:
(1) Create a new campaign
(2) Specify the data source and its filtering criteria
(3) Load the content template (in text or HTML) and attachments (if required)
(4) Save the campaign and schedule a new task immediately or at a scheduled data/time

MassEasy help you handle the enormous challenges you face: prepare the target mailing list, merge the personalized content & attachments, and broadcast the contents in high speed. It makes your life easier and saves much your time for other aspects.

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